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Half-way through the month of October of 1978, when I was treking across the Himalaya for five months, from Kashmir and Ladakh to Sikkim, crossing through the north of India and Nepal, a strong snow storm forced us to retaliate (my porter and I) when we where about to get to the sanctuary of the Nanda Devi (Goddess Nanda), the highest (7.816 meters), most sacred and beautiful mountain of the Indian Himalayas. A sanctuary -in the sense of a place of protection and refuge – which had not been violated till 1934. We where situated in what was called the external part of the Sanctuary, a ring of mountains rising up to 7000 meters which we had accessed two days before through a challenging port of 4.600 meters of altitude, the only access to the mentioned sanctuary. If it continued to snow, the port would be inaccessible and so we would be trapped for the whole winter, and so forever. I have beautiful and exciting memories from that trekking, in part a failure, through one of the most gorgeous and mysterious parts of Asia.Your Trek in Rishikesh will start from Thalisain and passing through Pauri. You will be taken to Kondolia, at a distance of 5 km from Thalisan, to soak up scenic sunsets. Lunch will be served en route. There will be programmes of sightseeing as well.

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